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Prioritizing Maternal and Child Health

We work to ensure that no mother or child dies from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth

Our Vision

To have a world wherein; no mother or child dies from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.

Our Mission

To raise and train maternal and child health advocates in the developing world to reduce maternal and child mortality.

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Optimal sexual and reproductive health is a vital aspect of women’s general health and wellbeing. Every child should be given an opportunity to live to their maximum potential. We, at For Mom and Baby Foundation work everyday to improve Africa’s human capital by safeguarding the health of women and children. The education of women is central to their ability to make informed choices and decisions about their lives, including when, or whether, to consider having children.

Ashu Martha Agbornyenty, Executive Director
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Who We Are

Founded in 2021, For Mom and Baby Foundation is a Non-Profit organisation that is prioritizing maternal and child health in Cameroon through Community Engagement, Health Provider Training, Research and Policy Advocacy.

Many women lack the necessary knowledge they need in order for them to successfully carry a pregnancy to term, and after delivery, most women have little or no knowledge on how to properly care for the baby which puts the babies at risk of several diseases and complications. 

All these can be prevented if we provide clear, contextualised, sound education so that,  women will be able to make informed decisions on their health and pregnancies.
For Mom and Baby foundation is addressing these issues and will continue to look for innovative ways to reduce maternal and child deaths.

Our Activities

What We Do

Community Health

We organise educational seminars and workshops for young girls and women. We provide essential birth supplies to pregnant women for safe delivery.

Provider training

We train health personnel and community health workers on updated guidelines in maternity care so that they provide the high quality care as their job description demands.

Research & Advocacy

We carry out research to provide evidence on the state of maternal and child health as well as push for evidence-based decision-making from policy makers.

The team that makes the dream work

Our Team

Ashu Martha Agbornyenty
Executive Director
Diang Ajang Sumbwe
Program Coordinator
Egbe Henrietta Oneke
Secretary General
Yvette Attah Bende
Public Relations Officer
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