Our Areas of intervention

Community engagement

Community projects like health education, pregnancy follow-up, delivery kits distribution, community health worker training, post-birth follow-up and vaccination campaigns.

Provider training

We train health personnel and community health workers on updated guidelines in maternity care so that they provide the high quality care as their job description demands.

Research & Advocacy

Participate in meetings, fora and assemblies that are directly related to maternal and child health to discuss with policy makers both national and internationally, about ways to improve accessibility, affordability, and availability of contextualised care.

What we are doing Everyday


Emergency Kit distribution

We are providing emergency kits to rural & internal displaced women. 

Health education

We provide education to girls and women on sexual and reproductive health & rights.

Research & Field Surveys

We conduct field surveys to understand better the state of maternal and child health


We contribute our voice in local and global policy discussions for better MCH.

What we wrote so Far


The Nursing Mother’s Resort

The Nursing Mother’s Resort is a special piece set to guide pregnant women and nursing mothers into knowing what to expect of their bodies especially when it comes to their breasts and breastfeeding. It covers the definition of breastfeeding through to the color of breast milk and weaning your baby.

Staying in the Midwifery Profession

Staying in the Midwifery Profession is a book that provides midwives with the information they need to build a successful career while impacting the lives of women and children. We need more midwives staying in the profession if we are serious about reducing maternal and child deaths. This book serves that purpose. 

The Student Midwife Internship Guide

The picture highlights copies of The Student Midwife Internship Guide purchased by Midwifery Students. This book is meant to guide midwifery students on navigating the challenges and achieving the objectives of midwifery internship so that, they graduate with skills required to provide quality care. 

The virtual launch of our first book titled, 'Own your pregnancy' in 2020