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Problem statement

Cameroon has a very high rate of preventable maternal deaths at 529 per 100,000 deaths (2017) and neonatal deaths at 61%. A 2018 Cameroon health survey revealed that, 33% of deliveries are carried out at home by unskilled birth attendants usually under non-sterile conditions.

The armed conflict in the English-speaking regions has resulted in insecurity and multiple calls for lockdown characterized by movement restrictions of cars and people. Over 500,000 people (about 55% being women and children) have settled in internal displacement camps in bushes. All of these have reduced access to professional care.

There has been disruption in the distribution of essential birth supplies to health facilities because of frequent lockdowns and resource diversion to other priorities like COVID-19 pandemic response.  One of the strategic goals of Cameroon’s Ministry of Public Health (MoH) is to significantly reduce unskilled deliveries and promote health facility deliveries.

What we are doing

Our Solution

Founded in 2021, For Mom and Baby Foundation is helping to reduce these maternal and neonatal deaths in Cameroon through community health promotion, health provider training, research and advocacy for improved maternal and child health.

We started by donating delivery kits containing essential birth supplies to pregnant women to help them have a safe and infection free delivery. This donation was accompanied by education on how to detect pregnancy red flags, first aid management of common pregnancy disorders and encouraging them to go for antenatal care.Also, we carried out educational workshops for girls in schools to teach them about their sexual and reproductive health as well as how to prevent teenage pregnancies. 

We have a vision of a world wherein, no mother or child dies from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. We are on a mission to raise and train maternal and child health advocates in the developing world to reduce maternal and child mortality.

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Some Active projects

Emergency Kit Project

We are distributing emergency kits that contain essential supplies needed by the mother and baby for a safe and infection-free birth. You can donate kit(s) to women in need.

PPH Training

We are training maternity health providers on the appropriate use of misoprostol in the prevention and management of post-partum haemorrhage which is main cause of maternal mortality.

Health Education

We are educating pregnant women on how to take care of their health before, during and after pregnancy as well as guiding them in their parenting journey.

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Eligibility: Membership is open to all persons interested in our activities without any age, gender, educational or occupational restrictions.


Rights and Responsibility: Each member category is subjected to paying membership yearly dues and owning a membership card. 


Types of membership:

Volunteer member: An Individual who offers their time and skills for operations of the organization.

Associate member: An Individual who donates to the cause but not obliged to take part in operations.

Partnering member: An Organisation that provides funding, training, or networking opportunities.

Honorary member: People who contribute significantly to maternal and child care in LMICs.