For Mom and Baby Foundation Partners with CBS Radio Buea FM 95.30 MHz to further educate pregnant women in rural areas of Cameroon

Over 40% of pregnant women in rural areas of Cameroon don’t have access to health information during pregnancy.
Mindful of this fact, One of the goals we set for ourselves this year is to reach out to even the most interior of rural communities with the knowledge we have.
So far, our partnership with CBS radio, specifically on the Mami Ada Talk show has been one of the best medium to fulfil this goal.

We have kick started our work with The Mami Ada Talk show program where we will be sharing our knowledge on different topics in relation to maternal and child health.
Our language during this program is ‘Pidgin’. This is because this program has an already existing huge audience which is mostly made up of market sellers, farmers and generally, people in the rural areas.

We believe that one timely information that gets to a pregnant woman can save her life.

This is in line with our community engagement for maternal health program.
We are thankful to the Mami Ada Talk show host Tangi Angwi for the work she’s been doing so far and moreso, for reaching out to work with us.
Special thank you to our volunteer Zengeu Stevia for representing.

Let’s save the lives of more mothers and babies!

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