FOMAB Foundation Kick-Starts Community Health Outreach Activities in The Muea Community

Community Health Outreach can be a really powerful tool to get to know your community better as well as pass across useful health information which can guide members of that community in taking informed autonomous decisions.

Based on the current project we are running in partnership with D-prize, which involves the distribution of Misoprostol to licensed hospitals to prevent Postpartum Haemorrhage and advocating for preparedness prior to delivery through our Emergency kits, we intentionally decided to engage with communities so as to increase our area of impact and help out many more pregnant women and their families get in contact with health centers to enable them get the best care possible.

We had various activities during the outreach, some of which were; Free laboratory testing, Health talks, open discussions, questions and answers. Through this outreach we realised that the majority of the population had little or no idea on the importance of hospital visits even when pregnant. We made sure to put them in contact with their community Health workers who will channel them to the health centers progressively while collecting the data we need so we can do more in helping them in time to come.

This blissful event took place on Tuesday 1st August 2023 at the C.M.A MUEA health center and we greatly appreciate the help and guidance of the General supervisor, Mme Mbolle and her fantastic team of Community Health workers for making this event a success.

The Work continues as we engage with three more communities in the days ahead.

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