FOMAB Provides Essential Birth Supplies to Vulnerable Pregnant Women in rural community

Emergency kits are especially important for pregnant women in developing countries and underserved communities, where access to quality healthcare may be limited. By providing pregnant women with the supplies they need, emergency kits help to reduce the risk of maternal and neonatal mortality.

Providing Emergency kits to pregnant women particularly in the crisis stricken zones is our flagship project. It is for this reason that we particularly decided to engage with the vulnerable pregnant women of the Lower Muea community of Cameroon this time around. The goal is to improve maternal and child health outcomes by ensuring that all pregnant women have access to the care and resources they need.

We educated them on how to avoid unplanned pregnancies (family planning methods) as we realised that 60% of the women present confessed to the fact that their pregnancies were unplanned. We went ahead to equally educate them on best breastfeeding practices and general hygiene during pregnancy.

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