Team Encouragement and Motivation Session (T.E.M.S) 1.0

At For Mom and Baby Foundation, we believe that our volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization. They are the ones who give their time and energy to make a difference in the lives of others, and we are incredibly grateful for their dedication.

That’s why we recently launched our team’s encouragement and motivation session, a new initiative designed to show our volunteers how much we appreciate them and to help them stay motivated in their work.

The encouragement and motivation session is a bimonthly event that is open to all of our volunteers. At each session, we feature a different speaker who shares their insights on topics such as volunteerism, leadership, and personal development. We also provide our volunteers with opportunities to network and connect with each other.

We had our first session with Safaa Garelnabi on Octover 10th 2023. She is the co-founder and team leader of Hope Springs Health Foundation, Uganda and doubles as a public health specialist. She took us through her journey from being a volunteer to an intern to an employee with emphasis on how being an intentional volunteer helped her reach the level she is now. We look forward to more sessions with other seasoned speakers as Safaa.

We believe that this new initiative is important because it allows us to show our volunteers how much we value their work. It also gives us a chance to learn from their experiences and to get their feedback on how we can improve our organization.

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