Volunteers Get Trained and Inspired for a more Impactful FOMAB Foundation

Volunteers are the backbone of any organization, providing essential services and support. However, in order to be effective, volunteers need to have the skills and knowledge they need to do their jobs. This is where capacity building training comes in. It is an important investment in the success of the organization. By providing training, it helps the volunteers to be more effective, motivated, and engaged. This can lead to improved morale, reduced turnover, and increased impact.

On Monday 21st August, 2023 FOMAB Foundation Organized a Capacity Building Training with its team members on topics such as; How to write a good CV, Bio, Personal Statement. Also, the team was trained on Digital personal branding through Social Media for Career Growth.

It was a very practical session as we had as one of the trainers Dr Ngwashi Christabel, a seasoned Medical Doctor who is passionate about sharing career and financial growth advice for health professionals. The Volunteers were very keen to all presentations made and asked questions wherever they had a doubt or did not understand. We also had as Trainer FOMAB Foundation’s Executive Director, Mrs Martha Agbornyenty who trained on leveraging social media to your advantage.

After having served our communities, we thought it wise to empower our volunteers with top skills that will enable them grow personally and be filled. As it is often said “You can’t Pour from an empty cup”. Now we can continue the good work we have been doing knowing we are well equiped.

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